Developing an Interactive
Data Visualisation


Each set of concentric circles with a shape inside them represents a person who took part in the survey. The circles show what rating that person gave their feeling, with 1 being really bad and 6 being really great. The better they felt at the time, the larger the circle.

Each person was given a colour chart along with the survey and asked to choose a colour that they associated with their feeling, along with a shape. In the visualisation, the shape is filled in with the colour they picked.

By clicking on a circle, more information appears with that participant's answers in a small popup, as well as their longer answers to the other questions in a bigger box to the right.

The data can be filtered using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

As this is a prototype and only 26 people took part in this particular survey, the results have been doubled to see what this visualisation would look like if there are more people.

Click here for a version without doubled results.